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Powering Progress with Industry Automation

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Industry 4.0 automation, powered by groundbreaking technology innovations, offers a transformative approach to address these obstacles effectively. Our mission is to extend these automation solutions across diverse industries, driving greater efficiency, sustainability, and strategic growth.

Hawke Tan, Group CEO


Tap into big data by delivering important information to help companies understand how increase revenue and reduce cost with better data driven decisions.


We have a diversified background of artificial intelligence (AI) system development, Industrial 4.0 solutions, biometric identification and media analysis solutions for public security applications, media agencies, retail and marketing.


UBCT robotics have multi-level security protection, which meets the use requirements of various industrial scenarios and ensures stable and reliable operation for a long time.


WMS leverages modern capabilities to streamline processes, automate warehouse functions, optimize resources and ensure the timely execution of events.


To determine the amount of material required and held in stock, plan for the replenishment of these stocks, create inventory levels for raw materials and communicate information and requirements to procurement operations and the extended supply chain.


ASRS creates more production space while reducing storage space in warehouse & WIP production material. It shrink search time and organize inventory for real time visible data that matters.

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