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Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions: System Platform Development

Industrial Solution

Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions revolutionize business operations.

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Using 5G technology enables the production site to achieve real-time synchronization of projects from start to finish. With technical support available visually and in real-time, there is a reduced dependence on on-site technicians and managers, ultimately boosting productivity—an aspect that the industry has historically struggled with.

Incorporating industry 4.0 technology solutions into system platform development revolutionizes how businesses operate, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficiency throughout the production process. The integration of 5G technology paves the way for faster data exchange, improved communication, and enhanced decision-making capabilities, positioning industries for a more agile and competitive future. 

With our cutting-edge solutions, your business can unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 and embrace the transformative power of advanced technology.

I4.0 System Platform Development

Our Objective

Every manufacturing process comprises a few basic elements: raw materials or ingredients, equipment, machinery, or tools, human input, and action or programming. In producing proprietary goods that adhere to specifications and applicable regulations, these elements must interact in a very specific and prescribed way. A recipe management system orchestrates this interaction, and UBCT’s RMS effectively manages recipes that span across the production floor by centralizing recipes into manageable entities.

Support Integration with AGV or AMR Robots in Malaysia

Automating material transportation through AGV or AMR robots offers significant advantages for organizations in Malaysia:

  • Enhance labour productivity and accuracy. 
  • Enjoy greater facility flexibility and capacity. 
  • Experience increased throughput and efficiency, enabling optimized productivity and smoother production schedules. 

Embrace the future of robotics technology to streamline your material handling processes and unlock new levels of efficiency in your operations.

Software Listing Developed by UBCT

  • SMART Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Paperless Management System
  • Recipe Management System (RMS)
  • Management by Objective (MBO)
  • Factory Process Control System
  • Material Control System (MCS)
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