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Material Management System (MMS)

Industrial Solution

Eliminating human dependency by automating material management process.

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In the past 13 years, we have developed more than 10 types of MMS (Material Management systems), targeting highly valuable material management.

A material management system helps ensure a smooth flow of materials from suppliers to production and, ultimately, to customers. To achieve this, it is important to do strategic material planning, procurement, and control.

MMS regulates material flow while considering factors like price, quality, availability, demand, and delivery schedules. By proficiently managing these variables, organizations can optimize material flow and enhance the overall efficiency of their supply chains.

Careful supply chain planning makes the right materials accessible when needed, in the appropriate quantity, and at the right cost. Hence, our automated material management system ensures material availability, minimizes inventory costs, and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Objectives of MMS

Our MMS Solution is a Total Package

With our MMS solution, you can eliminate the dependency on humans by replacing it with an automated management process. Thus, a fully-automated distribution is made possible by ensuring the materials are efficiently distributed throughout the system. The MMS process helps manage transactions and reduces production idle time.

Besides that, our system will continuously monitor material usage and waste to generate a detailed material audit trail that includes real-time process tracking while implementing material validation control.

Types of MMS

Type of MMS

Line Material Management Software and Command Center

The Line Material Management Software and Command Center is a comprehensive solution that serves as both software and a fundamental cell station. It efficiently manages and acts as an alternative out-of-control procedure method to meet all your manufacturing material requirements.

Type of MMS

Semiconductor Material Management System

The Semiconductor Material Management System is used for materials management within the semiconductor industry. Some of the systems solutions we provide include:

  • Wire Management System
  • Epoxy Management System
  • Rubber Tip Management System
  • DAF Management System
  • Sawblade Management System
  • Sold Paste Management System
  • Capillary Management System
  • Grind Wheel Management System
  • BGA Flux Management System

Type of MMS

Standard Material Management System

Efficiency is a crucial factor in the success of any organization. By implementing a Standard Material Management System process, it can effectively control its materials. In numerous aspects, it is the backbone of the manufacturing process, ensuring streamlined operations and optimal outcomes. 

The Standard Material Management Process includes:

  • Material requirement planning
  • Inventory planning and management
  • Procurement
  • Material flow and supply
  • Material quality control

The Standard Material Management System products we offer are:

  • S-100i
  • S-200i

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